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About Us

GoGuru is owned and operated by Times Experience, a subsidiary of Times Publishing Limited. Times Publishing Limited and its subsidiaries, collectively known as the Times Publishing Group, is one of the premier media groups in Asia-Pacific highly regarded for its dedication to four core competencies – publishing, printing, distribution and retail.

GoGuru’s mission is to empower parents with children aged 3 to 12 to make informed choices for their learning and development.
Here you’ll find engaging content on 21st century parenting and education, positive values, tips and trends. From expert advice and
insightful interviews to ideas for fun family activities, we want to be Singapore’s premier online resource for parents.

Our online store carries a carefully selected range of products, from books and magazines to stationery and accessories, to accompany
you and your child on your learning journey together.

Our aim

To be a trusted source of meaningful and relevant information on parenting in the modern age.

Why the name GoGuru?

The word “Go” denotes being progressive while “Guru” refers to a mentor who guides individuals to develop their potential.

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