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Adventure Box (10 issues in 1 year)


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An exciting book rich with chapter with facts and fun.A 'Parent' Choice' Silver Medal winner, Adventure BOX is the perfect choice for the newly independent.

Within its 68 pages, you will find:
1. An exciting 44-page charter-story which exposes children to discover the different genres of Literature (action, suspense, adventure, drama and humour). Comes with Vocabulary to build language proficiency.
2. Fascinating topics and interactive activities about natural world.
3. Word seaches and games to stimulate children's reasoning faculty.
4. Comic strips about mischievous heroes and wacky scenarios to promote creativity.
Product Details
19 x 15 (mm)
100.00 (g)
Product Details
19 x 15 (mm)
100.00 (g)

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