5 unusual travel destinations for your family vacation

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For most parents, the December holiday is a particularly special time in the family calendar. The children are done with school, most offices are wrapping up for the year, and that means it’s time to plan a family vacation!

If you’re bored of visiting Disneyland and you’re looking to go off the beaten track this December, here are a few unique places around the world to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

1. Giraffe Manor
For a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, bring your family to Nairobi, Kenya and spend some time in the Giraffe Manor. A boutique hotel situated on 12 acres of private land, it’s the perfect way to enjoy creature comforts while still getting a taste of safari life. Obviously, you can’t stay at the Giraffe Manor without spending time with the giraffes – get even closer by sharing your breakfast with the herd of Rothschild giraffe that visit every morning.

2. Cancún Underwater Museum, Mexico
More adventurous families will enjoy the chance to snorkel in the Cancún Underwater Museum (MUSA), which houses over 470 underwater statues. Explore the curious sculptures that now make up the world’s largest artificial reef while introducing your children to the myriad of creatures that live under the sea, including brightly-coloured coral fish, sea turtles, and starfish.

3. Cappadocia, Turkey
An astounding view awaits your family at Cappadocia, Turkey where unusual rock formations, honeycombed hills and deep valleys create a stunning otherworldly atmosphere. Explore the underground cities carved out by cave dwellers in the Bronze Age and go on a hot air balloon ride at sunrise to appreciate the staggering landscape from above. A trip here will definitely impress upon your child the enormity of human progress since the Stone Age, while also nurturing a fascination for human history and geography.

4. Cat Island, Japan
If Japan is on your list, make sure to drop by one of their many “cat islands”. As you can tell from the name, a cat island is inhabited by hundreds of feline residents in their furry, purring glory. There are 11 cat islands to choose from, making this a memorable trip for any cat lover. It’s also the perfect place for your child to learn the importance of treating animals with love and respect.

5. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand
If your child loves science, they will definitely be enchanted by the Waitomo Caves, an amazing underground cave system that is home to thousands of glow-worms. Descend into the pitch black darkness and you’ll be rewarded with a remarkable blue-green light display that turns the ceiling of the cavern into a starry night sky.

“There’s so much to see in this world beyond cities and amusement parks,” shares avid Singaporean traveller Joshua Vong. “Countless beautiful places around the globe that are incredible and that will shape your child’s world view – it’s worth visiting at least one of these places, at least once in your life.”

With numerous gems hidden away all around the globe, there is no lack of new travel experiences to embark on and share with your child. Eschew your usual holiday haunts this December and try visiting one of these spots for a memorable trip!

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