Back-to-School Buying Guide

It’s that time of the year: Back to school! With Goguru’s online ordering service, you can get your school books delivered right to your doorstep; no more hauling stacks of workbooks and textbooks from the school bookshop. And of course, your child will need a bag to put those books in, and other tools and items to get through the day.


For the little ones starting school…

Little kids will love these adorable stationery and a backpack for their petite size.

1. EggMania Small Backpack | 2. EASYERGO 1.4mm Mechanical Pencil | 3. EASYSharpener 3-in-1 | 4. Ty Beanie Boos 5in Clip - Paw Patrol Chase - Shephard Dog Clip | 5. & 10. STABILO Colourful Bundle | 6. LIHIT PuniLabo Stand Pen Case Round Big Bear | 7. CamelBak Eddy Kids .4l Airplane Bandits | 8. Triangular Leaner's Jumbo Pencil | 9. LEGO Stationery: Erasers 

Preschool is an exciting time for both parents and children. Your child will be out on their own for the first time by going to school! Let them take their first steps to independence by getting a backpack suitable for their size for their belongings. This one has side pockets (great for water bottles) and a zippered front compartment for smaller items and easy access. It also comes in two other colour combinations: dark and light pink, and navy and yellow. Change up the design on the special food-grade silicone front panel with the colourful tiles that come with the bags.

Little hands learning to write can use some help. Ergonomically designed pencils encourage proper grip so that there is less strain on fingers and wrists; there are options for both left-handers and right-handers too. Messes from colouring will be a thing of the past with fibre-tip markers that wash off from clothes. Running around with friends is bound to make your child thirsty, so a water bottle is a must.

For the older kids…

Stationery and a large backpack to get your child through the school day

1. Monster Pouch Pencil Case | 2. Helix Oxford Colours Maths Set | 3. Collins Maru A5s Ruled Notebook Elephant | 4. Lecture Pad - A4 Narrowline | 5. EggMania Large Eyes Backpack | 6. CamelBak Chute Mag .75l Seaglass | 7. a-Jays One+ Black Earphones | 8. Leitz Wow Project File

With multiple textbooks, workbooks and files, a larger bag with a sturdy bottom is needed for older school children. This EggMania Large Eyes backpack not only looks stylish but is made with water-resistant fabric and has a weatherproof zip. (PS. Also available in pink and mustard!) Remember the days of foolscap paper? That and notebooks are essential for note-taking… or passing notes in class.

The classic maths set from Oxford that all geometry students are familiar with has been reinvented in four vibrant colours; choose from purple, green, bright blue, and pink. Also eye-catching is this special edition shiny silver Monster Pouch that can fit plenty of pens, pencils, correction fluid and more with its large opening, which also comes in gold, black with gold teeth, and a colourful pixelated pattern

For those long days at school and in the library…

Lecture pads, cord straps and diaries will help you stay organised, while a power bank and earphones give you energy.

1. Canon Scientific Calculator | 2. Save The Planet Lecture Pad A4 | 3. Oxford Filled Pencil Case | 4. Daycraft 2019 Inspiro Diary A5 | 5. Mead Five Star Organized Backpack | 6. Niva Blue Wireless Earbuds | 7. Dotz Magnetic Flex Strap Black | 8. ELECOM 5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Five Star is a brand by Mead, an American company. Their backpacks are functional and durable, and intended for older children who spend long days at school. Compartments can be expanded and open wide to fit binders and large textbooks. Check out this video to see how spacious the bag is!

A power bank comes in extra handy for those long days in school, and wireless earbuds provide music for long revision sessions in the library. Students taking higher mathematics will also need calculators but do check if the school requires specific models.

Want more options?

Browse our full range of water bottles to beat Singapore’s sweltering weather, bags that are good looking enough for even moms and dads, and colour pencils and writing accessories for writing and drawing in your notebooks, planners, diaries and paper products. Goguru also stocks calculators and both wireless and wired in-ear headphones!

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