Get ready to head back to school with these tips

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A new school year can be a daunting time – especially if your child is moving to a new school. But, as they say, being prepared is half the battle, so let’s see how you can help your child put his best foot forward in 2017.

Get perfect pencils
Don’t waste time with substandard pencils that break easily – quality pencils might be slightly more expensive but they will last longer. Your child will enjoy colouring for hours without getting tired with the Faber-Castell watercolour pencils with their ergonomic non-slip grip, plus novel SV bonding tech means they are breakage resistant.

Another top favourite are the LEGO coloured pencils with brick toppers that let you attach your child’s favourite mini figures. It’s sure to make doing homework so much more fun if a mini figure can help!

Pick a quality notebook
Pair the LEGO pencils with a stationery journal that makes maths fun. Did you know that LEGO can help your child learn essential maths skills such as multiplication and sets? Click here for more ideas. Your child can add his favourite LEGO pieces to the 16cm x 6cm building plate with strap, which handily also keeps pages open.

Or show your child you’re on his side with a few well-chosen journals that express his inner thoughts. These locally-designed notebooks include 80 lined A5 pages bound in a cute, colourful cover featuring a colloquial phrase. Our favourite is “always KENA arrow” to show that we really empathise with our kid. Other options include “study until so KANG KOR” (show your child you understand how hard he’s working) or “CHEEM stuff inside” (yup, that maths stuff is hard!).

Get a head start
A love of reading is essential for any child. Encourage your child to take a break from maths and science work to immerse himself in a good book once in a while. A good idea is to choose from the primary school English syllabus – that way, when your child gets around to “officially” studying it in class, he will already be familiar with the plot and characters. Top picks include Animal Farm and Holes but our favourite is Charlotte’s Web, with its perennially endearing porcine hero.

Of course, what back-to-school list would be complete without a few study aids? If you only get one this year, get this PSLE guidebook. This series really focuses on problem solving – the one thing most students struggle with. The solution? Learn some valuable strategies to analyse the problem, and then practise, practise, practise until solving it becomes second nature.

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