How to enjoy family time in Singapore this March holiday

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There are plenty of reasons for a family to stay put for the holidays – work commitments, family obligations, and budget constraints are some common obstacles to taking an overseas trip.

Even if you’re not planning to travel, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the upcoming March school holiday break. Make some memories with your children by trying one of the following ideas:

1. Go camping
One of the reasons why people find travel so refreshing is because it gives them a change in scenery – but the truth is, there’s no need to leave the country to find it. Just apply for a free camping permit online, and you’re on your way to a weekend of fun beach activities with your family.

The advantage of camping in Singapore is that you can invite your entire extended family to join you at no extra cost. Set up a barbecue pit, plan exciting games for the kids and kick back to the crashing sounds of the ocean waves. Relaxing at the beach will give your eyes a much-needed break from the usual city sights of Singapore, without the hassle of travel.

2. Movie marathon
If your family is not the outdoorsy type, why not just stay in? Plan a weekly movie night with your kids and treat them to popcorn, pizza, nachos – the works! Make it interesting by introducing your children to the movies you loved as a child, or choosing movies set in locations that you’d love to visit, in order to satiate your wanderlust.

Bonus idea: Pull out your old home videos and relive some memories with your family. You’re guaranteed to get a kick out of old hairstyles, outfits, and even forgotten conversations of days past.

3. Learn a new skill together
Make the weekdays pass faster for your child by giving him something to work towards and look forward to. You could go for a family pottery class, take up basketball together, or learn an instrument. Choose something that both you and your child want to learn, so that the whole family can benefit from the classes. Add a little competitive element to motivate your child to practise on his own during the week, and reward him by going for an ice-cream treat after each class. There’s no reason why learning can’t be a fun, shared experience!

4. Play tourist at home
Put on your tourist hat and explore new places in Singapore! We put aside so much time for sight-seeing when we travel, but there are plenty of little-known corners on our small island that are equally worth visiting.

Take a stroll through Lorong Kampong Buangkok, the last remaining kampong in Singapore, and tell your children about the kampong spirit and how these houses used to dominate our landscape. For a change of pace, visit the Arts Science Museum to take in the awe-inspiring possibilities of the future, and then feast on the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal in Chinatown!

It’s incredible the amount of different sights that you can fit in one weekend in Singapore, so take advantage of the fact that these places are only an hour or two away and bring your children out for an adventure.

The best part? You get to relax in the comforts of your own home and avoid the hassle of unpacking, airport queues and jet lag.

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