Power Up! your child’s health with Eu Yan Sang’s Essence of Chicken Series

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It’s the start of a new school year, and your child is probably buzzing with the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones. But as the year progresses and homework and enrichment classes pile up, it’s easy for your child to quickly feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Keep your child’s spirits and energy levels up with the Power Up! Essence of Chicken Series from Eu Yan Sang. Specially formulated for children aged two and above, it’s free of preservatives, sugar and caramel colouring. In addition, it’s fat-free and cholesterol-free and has no added flavouring and salt, making it safe for your precious one to drink.

Power Up! Concentration contains 100% pure chicken goodness to boost mental power, improve concentration and promote growth. Your child will benefit from an alert mind and better focus, perfect for tackling those worksheets and tests.

Power Up! Appetite is packed with dangshen, huaishan and fuling extract to boost mental ability, improve appetite and aid digestion. Chugging a bottle daily will help your child develop a healthy appetite and look forward to mealtimes eagerly.

With its blend of wolfberries, beiqi and baihe extract, Power Up! Vision is the ideal health drink to ensure your child grows up with bright, healthy peepers. Together with the chicken essence, it gives your child the mental edge to succeed in school and enables them to get a good night’s sleep.

Wondering how to consume the Power Up! Essence of Chicken Series? Drink one bottle daily, either warm or chilled. It can be taken on an empty stomach, and goes down well regardless of whether your child has eaten or not.

Start the New Year right – give your child the gift of health with the Power Up! Essence of Chicken Series by Eu Yan Sang!


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Founded in 1879, Eu Yan Sang is a retailer of traditional Chinese medicine and healthcare products. Find out more about its Power Up! Essence of Chicken Series here.

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