Should you join a Parent Support Group?

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Wondering what Parent Support Groups (PSGs) are and the benefits of being in one? PSGs are networks for parents to understand how they can best support their child’s school. Through PSGs, supportive parents are positive role models for other parents, helping them in their parenting journey. Read on to find out if you should join one.

Foster bonds with school leaders, teachers and other parents
At Ngee Ann Primary School, nurturing the holistic development of the students is a priority. The school’s PSG serves as a platform for the school and parents to communicate through regular meetings and events. Parent volunteers work side-by-side with appointed teachers to plan and execute events. Over time these collaborations create strong bonds and understanding among school leaders, teachers and parents.

When parents attend PSG-related events, they are able to see how their children fare in school. Juliana, PSG Chairperson for Tampines Primary School, joined when her elder son entered Primary 1 in 2009, organising events and even dancing and singing on stage for a Teachers’ Day performance.

“Through PSG I have a better understanding of the school policies and curriculum. I bonded with my sons’ teachers who would update me on my children’s progress each time they see me in school. I also got to know my sons’ classmates better and, in turn, their parents. I recall a PSG mum coming up to me to say she joined PSG because her son (who was my son’s classmate) saw me often at school events and he wanted his mum to join,” she smiled.

Volunteering time and service
If you have an interest in art or sports, joining a PSG lets you volunteer your time and services in student programmes and co-curricular activities. Some of the activities organised by Ngee Ann Primary School’s PSG include road safety, conducting art and craft activities during recess, learning journeys, sourcing for speakers for Primary 5 and Primary 6 career talks and assisting in the buddy reading programme for academically weaker pupils.

Jane Koe, who is serving her 12th year as PSG Chairman of Ngee Ann Primary School, finds great satisfaction working with the principal, teachers and pupils. Her three children have since graduated from the school. Jane hopes to mentor other young parents and encourage them to be involved in school programmes and activities by tapping on their knowledge and expertise.

Some of the activities organised by Tampines Primary School’s PSG include weekly morning reading programmes of English and Mother Tongue before school starts. There are also recess programs such as Art/Craft, EduFun and KidsREAD, and regular National Education events such as Total Defence Day and Racial Harmony Day. PSG members also get their own annual events in the form of bowling excursions, trips to museums and picnics.

If you want to be more involved in your child’s education, joining a PSG is a great way to let them know you care about how they do in school. Go beyond asking about their day to taking an active role in your child’s learning journey. Seeing your child happy in school and getting to know their teachers and fellow parents is infinitely rewarding and well worth your time and effort.

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