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Discovery Box (10 issues in 1 year)


The magazines will be fulfilled directly by Nurture Craft via SingPost (include delivery fee). 1 year subscription

A 'Parents' Choice' Silver Award winner, Discovery BOX loads each issue with Science, History, and Nature facts to strengthen reading skills and retention.

Each 52-page issue is packed with :
1. Spectacular photographs and gripping informtion on nature and animals.
2. Historial events retold in a live, engaging and informative way.
3. Science topics, complete with illustrations in colour and fun experiments.
4. Captivating articles about the world covering different cultures and lifestyes.
5. DIY activities and collectible cards that identify with current topics.
Product Details
28.5 x 18 (mm)
130.00 (g)
Product Details
28.5 x 18 (mm)
130.00 (g)

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