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学生心态写真系列三 - 第二本- 闹闹的小发明电子书 Modern Day Student Series 3 Book 2 eBook

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• 难懂字词皆附上汉语拼音,帮助小朋友阅读;
• 通过逗趣的内容,传达正确的价值观,寓教于乐;
• 故事内容贴近小朋友的日常生活,容易引起共鸣。

These three series are a continuation of the stories of Nao Nao, a character well-known to young readers. The original collection of the stories of Nao Nao was selected by the Ministry of Education, Singapore as one of the 20 suggested reading materials for Primary School pupils. It has won a Highly Commended Award at the National Book Award in Young People’s Literature and was also made into a children’s television drama series. New Portraits of the Modern Day Student Series 1-3 bring more interesting stories and happenings of Nao Nao to young readers. New features include:

• Hanyu Pinyin for difficult words to aid in reading the story;
• Funny and interesting stories with messages on core values;
• Content based on real-life situations which pupils can easily relate to.
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Marshall Cavendish Education
Product Details
Marshall Cavendish Education

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