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  • Mormon Pioneer Dances (E-Book)

    by Miner, Laraine

    Reg Price: US$5.04
  • Dancing Across Borders (E-Book)

    by Shay, Anthony

    Reg Price: US$82.48
  • Turning the Tune (E-Book)

    by Kaul, Adam

    Reg Price: US$30.20
  • Dances with Spiders (E-Book)

    by Ludtke, Karen

    Reg Price: US$122.23
  • Embodied Communities (E-Book)

    by Hughes-Freeland, Felicia

    Reg Price: US$34.52
  • In Search of Legitimacy (E-Book)

    by Griffith, Lauren Miller

    Reg Price: US$112.17
  • Belly Dance for Health, Happiness and Empowerment (E-Book)

    by Hobin, Tina

    Reg Price: US$13.95
  • Haumana Hula Handbook for Students of Hawaiian Dance (E-Book)

    by Uchiyama, Mahealani, Kalama, Naomi Leina'ala (Foreword by)

    Reg Price: US$15.68
  • Carrying the Word (E-Book)

    by Rostas, Susanna

    Reg Price: US$37.68
  • Across the Water (E-Book)

    by Farrell, Rebecca E.

    Reg Price: US$79.02
  • Step Dancing in Ireland (E-Book)

    by Foley, Dr Catherine E, Burns, Professor Lori (Series edited b)

    Reg Price: US$136.62
  • Encyclopedia of World Folk Dance (E-Book)

    by Snodgrass, Mary Ellen

    Reg Price: US$122.23
  • Dance Theatre in Ireland (E-Book)

    by McGrath, A.

    Reg Price: US$67.66
  • Odori: Japanese Dance (E-Book)

    by Matida

    Reg Price: US$40.67
  • Odori: Japanese Dance (E-Book)

    by Matida

    Reg Price: US$40.67
  • Capoeira (E-Book)

    by Assuncao, Matthias Rohrig

    Reg Price: US$57.51

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