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  • Foundations of Digital Signal Processing (E-Book)

    by Gaydecki, Patrick

    Reg Price: US$111.62
  • Standard Codecs (E-Book)

    by Ghanbari, Mohammed

    Reg Price: US$105.90
  • Writing Space (E-Book)

    by Bolter, Jay David

    Reg Price: US$41.72
  • Multimedia and Virtual Reality (E-Book)

    by Sutcliffe, Alistair

    Reg Price: US$75.12
  • Communication of Complex Information (E-Book)

    by Albers, Michael J.

    Reg Price: US$35.76
  • Taking [A]part (E-Book)

    by Wright, Peter

    Reg Price: US$38.56
  • Practical Applications of Sparse Modeling (E-Book)

    by Niculescu-Mizil, Alexandru

    Reg Price: US$60.39
  • Advanced Structured Prediction (E-Book)

    by Lampert, Christoph H.

    Reg Price: US$60.39
  • Interdisciplinary Introduction to Image Processing (E-Book)

    by Tanimoto, Steven L.

    Reg Price: US$58.93
  • Quantum Computing (E-Book)

    by Polak, Wolfgang H.

    Reg Price: US$27.64
  • Metareasoning (E-Book)

    by Horvitz, Eric

    Reg Price: US$49.47
  • Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates (E-Book)

    by Brands, Stefan

    Reg Price: US$39.29
  • Embodied Conversational Agents (E-Book)

    by Churchill, Elizabeth F.

    Reg Price: US$63.30
  • Principles of Model Checking (E-Book)

    by Larsen, Kim Guldstrand

    Reg Price: US$77.85
  • Computational Modeling Methods for Neuroscientists (E-Book)

    by Schutter, Erik De

    Reg Price: US$60.39
  • Learning and Soft Computing (E-Book)

    by Kecman, Vojislav

    Reg Price: US$86.57

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