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  • Physically Unclonable Functions (E-Book)

    by Maes, Roel

    Reg Price: US$94.18
  • Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation (E-Book)

    by Shulika, Oleksiy (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$80.08
  • Bluetooth Security Attacks (E-Book)

    by Toivanen, Pekka

    Reg Price: US$56.38
  • Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation: Detection of Explosives and CBRN (Using Terahertz) (E-Book)

    by Shulika, Oleksiy (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$65.42
  • Fire Behavior and Fire Protection in Timber Buildings (E-Book)

    by Sivenkov, Andrey

    Reg Price: US$123.51
  • Magnetic Resonance Detection of Explosives and Illicit Materials (E-Book)

    by Barras, Jamie (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$76.68
  • Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics (E-Book)

    by Khoury, Suheil (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$100.95
  • Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC Protection (E-Book)

    by Jayaraman, Sundaresan (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$109.41
  • Infrared Thermography for Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics (E-Book)

    by Carlomagno, Giovanni Maria

    Reg Price: US$100.95
  • Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (E-Book)

    by Deri, Luca (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$81.21
  • Sensors Applications, Sensors in Household Appliances (E-Book)

    by Lahrmann, Andreas (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$203.02
  • Homomorphic Encryption and Applications (E-Book)

    by Bertino, Elisa

    Reg Price: US$56.38
  • Disaster Management: Enabling Resilience (E-Book)

    by Masys, Anthony (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$112.23
  • Trusted Computing Platforms (E-Book)

    by Dalton, Chris

    Reg Price: US$86.28
  • Iris Image Recognition (E-Book)

    by Holambe, Raghunath S.

    Reg Price: US$62.04
  • Intelligent Distributed Video Surveillance Systems (E-Book)

    by Remagnino, Paolo (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$106.41

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