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  • Tropical Natural Fibre Composites (E-Book)

    by Salit, Mohd Sapuan

    Reg Price: US$89.23
  • Fire Behavior and Fire Protection in Timber Buildings (E-Book)

    by Sivenkov, Andrey

    Reg Price: US$122.90
  • In Situ Assessment of Structural Timber (E-Book)

    by Kasal, Bohumil, Tannert, Thomas (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$100.46
  • Atlas of Wood, Bark and Pith Anatomy of Eastern Mediterranean Trees and Shrubs (E-Book)

    by Schweingruber, Fritz H., Ros, Alessia da Da (A11), Tsintides, Takis (A32)

    Reg Price: US$145.35
  • Cellular Aspects of Wood Formation (E-Book)

    by Fromm, Jorg (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$134.13
  • Recent Advances in the Processing of Wood-Plastic Composites (E-Book)

    by Pal, Kaushik

    Reg Price: US$111.68
  • Biology of Reaction Wood (E-Book)

    by Gril, Joseph (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$122.90
  • Growing Plantation Forests (E-Book)

    by West, P. W.

    Reg Price: US$78.57
  • Wood (E-Book)

    by Wegener, Gerd (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$182.08
  • Wood Chemistry and Wood Biotechnology (E-Book)

    by Ek, Monica (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$107.24
  • Chemistry of Wood Preservation (E-Book)

    by Thompson, R (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$215.50
  • Chemistry and Processing of Wood and Plant Fibrous Material (E-Book)

    by Williams, P A (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$235.70
  • Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives (E-Book)

    by Piculell, J L (Edited by)

    Reg Price: US$245.81
  • Woodman's Lot (E-Book)

    by Boxall, Michael

    Reg Price: US$3.65
  • Backyard Lumberjack (E-Book)

    by Philbrick, Stephen

    Reg Price: US$11.98
  • Energy-Efficient Timber-Glass Houses (E-Book)

    by Premrov, Miroslav

    Reg Price: US$89.23

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