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  • Stencil Craft (E-Book)

    by Peot, Margaret

    Reg Price: US$15.95
  • Enamelling on Copper (E-Book)

    by Johnson, Pat

    Reg Price: US$20.78
  • 20 to Make: Party Masks (E-Book)

    by Balchin, Judy

    Reg Price: US$4.84
  • Jane Davila's Surface Design Essentials (E-Book)

    by Davila, Jane

    Reg Price: US$10.59
  • Stenciling (E-Book)

    by Tuttle, Judy

    Reg Price: US$3.19
  • Stencil 201 (E-Book)

    by Roth, Ed

    Reg Price: US$14.04
  • Image Transfer Workshop (E-Book)

    by Wilson, Sandra Duran

    Reg Price: US$24.93
  • Simply Creative Faux Finishes with Gary Lord (E-Book)

    by Lord, Gary

    Reg Price: US$29.92
  • Printed Pattern (E-Book)

    by Drury, Yvonne

    Reg Price: US$21.93
  • Theorem Painting (E-Book)

    by Brubaker, Linda E.

    Reg Price: US$24.88
  • Tole Painting (E-Book)

    by Oxenford, Pat

    Reg Price: US$22.39
  • Duct Tape Bags (E-Book)

    by Morgan, Richela Fabian

    Reg Price: US$15.46

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