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  • Crafting with Alcohol Inks (E-Book)

    by Murray, Allison

    Reg Price: US$13.12
  • Dyer's Companion (E-Book)

    by Klos, Dagmar

    Reg Price: US$10.09
  • Intentional Printing (E-Book)

    by Krawczyk, Lynn

    Reg Price: US$17.16
  • Tie & Dye (E-Book)

    by King, Lizzie

    Reg Price: US$7.01
  • Color Your World with Princess Mirah Batiks (E-Book)

    by Mirah, Princess

    Reg Price: US$6.30
  • Natural Color (E-Book)

    by Duerr, Sasha

    Reg Price: US$28.18
  • Fabric Dyer's Dictionary (E-Book)

    by Johansen, Linda

    Reg Price: US$11.98
  • Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece (E-Book)

    by Callahan, Gail

    Reg Price: US$11.98
  • Art of Batik - Weaving and Dyeing in Java (E-Book)

    by Adam, Tassilo

    Reg Price: US$3.56
  • Chemistry Of Dyeing (E-Book)

    by Wood, John K.

    Reg Price: US$3.56

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