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  • Silver Clay Keepsakes (E-Book)

    by Hendricks, Judi

    Reg Price: US$19.69
  • Enameling on Metal Clay (E-Book)

    by East, Pam

    Reg Price: US$20.78
  • Clay Creation Workshop (E-Book)

    by Carlson, Maureen

    Reg Price: US$16.16
  • Making Concrete Pots, Bowls, and Platters (E-Book)

    by Overbeek, Hester van

    Reg Price: US$12.62
  • Meriden Flint Glass Company, The (E-Book)

    by Tobin, Diane

    Reg Price: US$16.41
  • Mason Jar Crafts (E-Book)

    by Donaldson, Lauren Elise

    Reg Price: US$10.94
  • Majolica Method (E-Book)

    by Mussi, Susan

    Reg Price: US$7.76
  • Concrete Garden Projects (E-Book)

    by Nilsson, Malin

    Reg Price: US$11.98
  • Early New England Potters and Their Wares (E-Book)

    by Watkins, Lura Woodside

    Reg Price: US$7.15
  • Easy Sculpted Foam for Your Home (E-Book)

    by Russell, Koren

    Reg Price: US$18.17
  • Art of Handmade Tile (E-Book)

    by Peck, Kristin

    Reg Price: US$22.18
  • Create a Polymer Clay Impression (E-Book)

    by Helm, Sarajane

    Reg Price: US$24.19
  • Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook (E-Book)

    by Lambert, C. S.

    Reg Price: US$16.35
  • Polymer Clay Global Perspectives (E-Book)

    by Tinapple, Cynthia

    Reg Price: US$20.88
  • Butterflies and Dragonflies (E-Book)

    by Allison, Sandy

    Reg Price: US$13.83
  • Birds of the Beach (E-Book)

    by Allison, Sandy

    Reg Price: US$13.83

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