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Think+ Science (8 issues in 1 year)


The magazines will be fulfilled directly by Nurture Craft via SingPost (include delivery fee). 1 year subscription

The world's first ad only official magazine of The Institute for The Habits of Mind, Published by Nurture Craft, a company known for distributing and publishing quality magazines for more than 18 years. This science and technology magazine is chock-full of thinking-based articles, games and activities with stunning pictures and images.

This 32-page magazine:
1. Is in line with secondary school science curriculum
2. Focuses on science and technology with a unique perspective on economic, social and political issues
3. Written to provoke thinking
4. Supported by Professor Arthur Costa's Institute for the Habits of Mind.
5. Habits pf Mind worksheets included.
Product Details
26.6 x 18.7 (mm)
80.00 (g)
Product Details
26.6 x 18.7 (mm)
80.00 (g)

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