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12 Months Brainy Arkies Subscription : Make learning Maths fun by engaging your child in an immersive 3D virtual world. (E-Book)

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Boost your Maths with Brainy Arkies, the mobile app that incorporates play and learning, based on MOE’s latest syllabus for Primary 1 to 6*.

About Brainy Arkies & How to redeem your subscription
Learn and build through play! Brainy Arkies is more than just a game for building your very own island together with its cute and friendly inhabitants – The Arkies. You can also challenge yourself to questions or access guided solutions to help you improve your maths. The more questions you complete, the faster your Arkies will level up, the further you will advance your world and to various Ages beyond!

For Redemption of Subscriptions Purchased/Received at Events
Upon checkout, you will receive an email from GoGuru for the subscription code. Please enter the subscription code on, under "Activate Promo" or at the bottom of the page, "Enter Your Details". Simply enter your child's username & promo code to redeem the subscription.

Download the Brainy Arkies app and start your child on an educational adventure!

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Marshall Cavendish Education
Product Details
Marshall Cavendish Education

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