21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary 全球华语大词典

By Li Yu Ming

Approved by SEAB for use in Singapore’s national exams from 2018. As the Chinese diaspora grew across the world, a set of region-specific vocabulary developed. The 21st Century Contemporary Chinese Dictionary works like a regular dictionary by allowing you to search by alphabetical order, radical and number of strokes, while offering learners, teachers or anyone who works with the Chinese language a handy reference for Chinese vocabulary used in different parts of the world. It contains a comprehensive volume of vocabulary, with approximately 88,400 entries on common and region-specific terms. Region-specific vocabulary comes with specified location of use and alternative terms, making referencing convenient and easy. Different usages are also explained, enriching users’ vocabulary.
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Li Yu Ming

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Binding : Paperback
Publisher : Marshall Cavendish Education
Publication Date : Jan 1, 2017
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ISBN-13 : 9789814684385
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