3m Polarizing Task Light K1610 Black

K1610 are specially designed for your children. Glare from lighting causes strain on our eyes, leading our eyesight to worsen. Our Polarizing light feature effectively reduces glare, protecting our children at a young age. The lamps are flexible, giving your child ease in reading from different angles. Light-weight, yet sturdy with weighted base, K1610 provides safety for your children and the ease of bringing the lamp to various locations for the different activities within your home, be it for study or playing with toys. K1610, a great tool that enables your kid to learn and play in a comfortable and healthier manner! 
Status: Available for Purchase
USD 104.35
Product Details
Weight : 750.00g
Sku : 8806080039303
Dimension : 150 x 380 x 110(mm)