A Practical Guide to Sport Psychology: Play Stronger, Better, Happier

By Arnold LeUnes

Improve your performance and achieve your goals. Become fitter and stronger, relieve stress and anxiety and recover from injury faster and more effectively. Whatever your sport or level of fitness, this Practical Guide by sports psychologist Dr Arnold LeUnes will help you to perform better and enjoy exercise, making it a habit. Full of proven, expert techniques, case studies and practical tips to help you train your mind and improve your heath, Sport Psychology will help you to feel better and smash your exercise goals.
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About Author

Arnold LeUnes

Dr Arnold LeUnes is Professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. His main teaching areas are sport psychology and abnormal psychology, and his research focuses almost totally on sport-related issues. He has written a popular textbook on sport psychology as well as a reference work on psychological testing in sport psychology, published over 100 journal articles, and made well over 100 conference presentations.

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