Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage Sec 2

By Lee Hui Min

Ace Your Chinese Cloze Passage aims to help students master the five techniques used to determine the correct answer in this examination component. The answer key to each practice provides a detailed analysis based on the five techniques to enable students to learn through application. In addition, passage and paragraph summaries that are given in a side bar to the passage help to facilitate reading and understanding. 本系列为学生说明综合填空的五大作答技巧:推断词义、词语搭配、词性和语法、从上下文找线索以及段落大意/文章主题。本系列在答案的部分,根据所介绍的五大技巧来进行浅白易懂的分析,说明从文章哪个部分、哪些线索可以合理地推断出答案,以加强学生对技巧的掌握与实际应用能力。另外,本书各篇章也列出文章大意,以帮助学生更好地理解文章。
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