Additional Maths 360 Workbook Vol A

By Dave Phuah Chen Wui, Sng Tat Ming ()

Additional Mathematics 360 Workbooks Volume A and B are designed to help students prepare for the Singapore GCE Ordinary Level and Normal (Academic) Level Additional Mathematics examinations. The books follow the latest syllabuses for Additional Mathematics from the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The books complement our existing Additional Mathematics 360 (2nd Edition) textbooks to help students acquire mathematical concepts and develop problem-solving skills. Features of the series include: 1) Exercise questions are categorised into three levels of difficulty following the same learning outcomes in the textbooks. 2) Tips to some questions to aid problem solving and understanding of concepts. 3) Mid-year and End-of-year specimen papers for revision of concepts and exam preparation.
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Dave Phuah Chen Wui, Sng Tat Ming

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Publication Date : Dec 18, 2020
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