Amazing Grace

By Tara FT Sering

Pre-school teacher, Grace Lim, thinks that she has finally found her man at age 27. Mr-Blind-Date-No.-7, Mike, has turned out to be everything that she’s ever wanted, dreamt about, and more! With a marriage proposal in hand, Grace thinks that she’s set for life. Trouble begins to stir in paradise when Mike informs Grace that he is re-locating from Manila to sunny Singapore because of work. But the conveniences of modern technology aren’t enough to bridge the distance between Mike and Grace; and what of Mike’s colleague Kaela who appears in every photo that Mike’s uploaded online? So Grace decides to give Mike a surprise visit in Singapore—but is she ready for what she will find?

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About Author

Tara FT Sering

Tara has been publishing stories since she was 21, but it wasn't until turned 28, after a three-year stint as managing editor of a women's magazine, that she started writing contemporary fiction for women. Her interests, apart from writing, include travelling, organizing her apartment (which is turning out to be a lifelong preoccupation), and designing covers for imaginary books that she has yet to find the time to write. Tara is also the author of novellas Almost Married and Between Dinner and Morning After and has written other books as well. She was awarded the National Book Award in 2003 for her work in Almost Married. She currently writes a weekly column for one of the Philippines' biggest broadsheets, the Philippine Star (called Yellow Light and it is perhaps the most random column you will ever come across in your life), and she is currently managing editor of a soon-to-be launched magazine called Contemporary Art Philippines

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814677448