Amorphous and Nano Alloys Electroless Depositions

By Zhang, Bangwei

Amorphous and Nano Alloys Electroless Depositions: Technology, Theory, Structure and Property describes the whole development and the most important subjects (technology, theory, structure and property) up to date of electroless plating (EP). The author concentrates on the fundamental scientific and academic problems (principle, mechanism and theory) in EP today.Based on the history of EP, this valuable reference describes lots of new EP processes, including electroless Fe based alloy system deposits, formation and theoretical description of electroless alloys, microscopic theory of electroless plating deposits, microscopic structures and surface morphology of electroless deposits, and weldability property of electroless deposits.Focus on the fundamental scientific and academic problems (principles, mechanisms and theory) in electroless platingThe book gives a very good overview of the research and development in this field and each chapter is fully referencedDetailed analysis and review of the current data, logically structured for ease of use
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Zhang, Bangwei

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Publisher : Elsevier
Publication Date : Dec 7, 2015
ISBN-13 : 9780128027066