Apocalypse Kings (Skulduggery Pleasant)

By Derek Landy

A brand new Skulduggery Pleasant novella for World Book Day: a hilarious and thrilling standalone story in the internationally bestselling series - perfect for new readers, and essential for Skulduggery fans... Three ancient gods are freed from their prison with only one desire: to destroy the planet and everyone on it. To save us all, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain must go undercover in a Dublin school. Skulduggery has to blend in with the teaching staff, while Valkyrie has to pass for an ordinary schoolgirl. Above all else, no matter what happens, they both must act completely and utterly normal. We are so dead.
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About Author

Derek Landy

Derek Landy lives near Dublin. Before writing his children's story about a sharply-dressed skeleton detective, he wrote the screenplays for a zombie movie and a murderous horror film. "I think my career-guidance teacher is spinning in her grave," he says, "or she would be if she were dead."

Product Details
Binding : Paperback / softback
Number of Pages : 96
Publisher : HarperCollins
Publication Date : Feb 18, 2021
Weight : 60.00g
ISBN-13 : 9780008463748
Dimension : 178 x 111 x 8(mm)