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WizarKids AR Flashcards 4D+ Augmented Reality (Vegetable Flashcards) Product details of WizarKids AR Flashcards 4D+ Augmented Reality (Vegetable Flashcards) Unlimited Fun - Set of 30 cards of Interactive Vegetable Flashcards. Engaged Learning - Immersive and Creative learning with 4D+ Augmented Reality. Learning Made Easy - AR Flashcards Enhances Early Learning Experience. Foundation for Reading - Helps build vocabulary, listening and reading skills. User Friendly App - Free app from Wizarkids compatible with iOS and Android. Edutech – AR for kid's learning – playschool – preschool – kindergarten Wizarkids We are a team of passionate developers and educationists on a mission to transform the learning experience of children from age group 2+ by using Augmented Reality. 4D+ AR Flashcards 4D+ AR Flashcards from WizarKids is a delightful and useful set of 30 cards for children engaging them visually, orally and textually. The experience becomes more captivating when you see flashcard images coming to life in 4D+ through the magical effects of Augmented Reality. You can also personalize the experience by adding your own voice to it. Why Augmented Reality for Children Augmented Reality fosters imagination and creativity Combines 4D+ animation with real world making learning more interactive. Real life experience through use of modern technology. Promotes self-learning among making them independent learners. Instructions to Use: Download the WizarKids app from Apple/Android Play store. Scratch and scan the Activation code from the activation card inside the box. Find your Flashcard from the Flashcard catergory on the app Enter the Activation code in WizarKids free app and enjoy the magic of augmented reality. Product Support Get in touch with us at in case of any technical issue like activation code not working. We will be happy to serve you.
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