5 Advantages of Gifting Your Kids Educational Toys


Mommies, we feel you. Ever wished for some quick me-time to recharge before returning to Mom life? 

Here’s a quick hack that allows you to take a breather sans the guilt - making use of educational toys. Designed to educate kids about a particular subject and enhance their skills through play, the advantages of buying educational toys for kids are endless. Besides being a great source of fun, they are also readily available. 

Read on for more benefits of educational toys.

1. Boosting IQ 

Boosting IQ 

Educational toys are designed in a way such that they increase children’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, identification skills, literacy and memorisation ability. Over time, kids who develop these skills are likely to gradually increase their IQ in the process. Letting your children play with a mix of close and open-ended toys can help them develop different sets of skills and cover different learning areas. 

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2. Sustaining interest

Sustaining interest

Bear in mind that children have a short attention span and can quickly get disinterested and disengaged in people and things. Without the right tools, they are likely to lose out in their academic journey and other activities. Fret not though - this is where educational toys come in. Besides making learning fun and enjoyable, they also aid a child’s interest in learning. 

3. Nurturing imagination and creativity

Nurturing imagination and creativity

Children are born with a sense of wonder and curiosity. With fun educational toys made for kids, there is a safe experience of exploration, experimentation, imaginative play and creative designing and building. 

In the midst of playing with these toys, you’ll also come to realise how your kid can come up with different solutions for the same problem, showcasing their creativity in the process. Once your little one is fully immersed in these playthings, you can foresee hours of fun that ensue. As a result, this allows them to have a more detailed understanding of the problem-solving process and outcome. In your child’s formative years, the boost in their imagination and creativity can be seen through science, music, art, craft and constructive activities. 

4. Enhanced social development

Enhanced social development

Since most educational toys for kids require children to play and interact with other children or adults, these toys are helpful in the development of social and emotional skills. Through play, they will be encouraged to get along with others through compromise, sharing and conflict resolution. In the process, they will also encounter verbal and non-verbal cues such as laughter, anger and crying, which helps them to better understand emotions and adapt to varying situations. Using educational toys revolve around activities such as waiting for their turn, sharing, leadership and having fun, all important attributes of social development.

5. Learning life lessons 

Learning life lessons

Impart life lessons to your little one with certain learning toys that can teach, for instance, cause and effect. Educational toys like building blocks provide kids the enjoyment of creating new structures as they spend hours to build them up and also gives them a feeling of how tall the structure can go before collapsing. Let them explore the building process by forming various structures, just to see and experiment with the extent it can go before falling. This gives the kids a first-hand experience of a cause-and-effect relationship. 

The next time you’re thinking of a gift for your child, gift them educational playthings and let the world around them make some sense. Remember to choose appropriate toys based on your child’s age, such as using colourful toys to arouse younger kids’ interest and more complex toys like wooden puzzles to entice older children.

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