Coding Made Simple

Images from EP-Tec Store & Matatalab


What is it?

The Matatalab Coding Set is a new STEAM experience designed for kids ages 3 and above. While we may think that coding and programming can be difficult, Matatalab gives children the ability to use their imagination and are designed to allow children to feel like they are just playing a maze game, creating music or even drawing pictures. 

Give the Matatalab Pro Set a try with all the add on functions included such as higher-level creation functions like music and art. You can even create your own stories with available accessories and add ons. 

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What’s in the Matatalab Pro Set?

  • 16 Directional blocks
  •  2 Play blocks
  • 2 stop blocks
  • 4 Function blocks
  • 1 dance blocks
  • 1 music blocks
  • 1 action blocks
  • 10 number blocks
  • 3 challenge booklets
  • 1 map
  • 3 flags
  • 8 roadblocks
  • 1 MatataBot
  • 1 Command Tower
  • 1 Control Board
  • Themed stickers
  • Challenge Booklets
  • 99 tiles total


Design and Features

Made out of food-grade lead-free material, the set comes with a Command Tower that is attached to the game board. This is where the Matatabot takes commands from the tower wirelessly and moves around on the board. The blue LED on the lower front that indicates power and connection status. On the lower back, there is a speaker, power on/off button and the USB-C charging port.

Also included is the control board that you place the coding blocks/tiles on to determine the movements/actions of the Matatabot. On one end is the connector for the Command Tower, and on the other end is the start button. 

Along with a double-sided game map board that you can create and play various games/challenges on both sides. There are many variations of games and drawings and other activities that can be performed with this coding kit. More interaction comes from customising the Matatabot and game map boards as well. Your children can create their own little world and with interesting stories.

There are also function blocks that make the Matatabot do fun things such as running or playing music. You can set your bot to move to a certain spot on the board, do a dance, then continue moving. 

The set also comes with instructions consisting of 3x challenge booklets and warm-up cards which you can use to familiarise yourself with the set. To make things even easier, you can visit the Matatalab website for tutorials and videos about the product! 

Furthermore, as a standalone kit, Matatalab does not require any additional electronic devices and needs no apps or internet connection. When you purchase the set, it also comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects or missing items in the box.

If you would like detailed information about the Matatalab Coding Pro Set, please click here.

This set provides great fun for both you and your kids as you learn the basics of programming and coding together. It is great for developing hand-eye coordination and cognitive problem solving to understand fundamental coding concepts. This will help them to grasp more abstract functions of real programming at a later stage.

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EP Education also provides public workshops at the National Library and schools. They do have holiday programmes for parents who are interested in letting kids try out the product. For more information, you may visit