Cultivate a Lifetime of Learning

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” - Joseph Addison 

It is not so often that we have time to read but with the current circuit breaker, it is the best time to build a reading habit as a family. You are able to explore curiosities, exchange ideas and cultivate a lifetime passion for reading. Here are just some ways to get started or even to reintroduce reading with GoGuru!


Start Reading Small

One of the main reasons people give up reading so easily is that they start reading giant classical books. If you are just starting to read, start on small, thin, simple books. Don’t focus on towering reading goals. When you are not over-committing, you will find books to be much more interesting and not such a mundane task. Even reading short stories for children, is a great way to make reading an enjoyable experience for the whole family.


Learn about your Interests

Why do you want to read? If you are reading to become a writer, you can buy fiction books or read poetry. Find out what subjects matter to you or piques your interest. This will help to sustain your enthusiasm for a longer period of time. For example,  if you are interested in sports, buy the biography of your favourite player. There are plenty of books of all kinds in the market. 


family reading together

Buddy up

If you have children, why not buddy up with your child to read together. Creating reading habits in your child is one of the best ways to ensure that they will grow up to be readers. At the same time, you’re developing your own reading habits. It’s a win-win situation for the family. You also get to work together to find books that really grip you and keep you going. We’ve got you covered to find everything for the whole family at


Have a book on your Person

Carrying a book works as a constant reminder to read. And nowadays, it is even easier because we can have tons and tons of books right in our phones or tablets. Start by reading some pages on the bus ride to work or any place where you are required to wait for longer periods of time. Instead of scrolling through social media, make that choice to read and expand your mind. But if you are a person of efficiency and ease, take a look at our wide range of E-Books to buy your books online.


You Read It, You Log It

There are times you will come across a beautiful phrase or even new words. Copy them and use them as inspiration. Even taking down interesting facts and information would serve as a great way to push you to read more. This will also help you to look at the text from various perspectives. Think of it as creating a small Literature class for yourself. Even better, mark your thoughts of each book you read. These notes will be useful for future references as well. Maybe even treat yourself to great notebooks when you shop online.



There are plenty of ways to make reading a habit and integrate it into our lives and daily schedules. Like any other skills, reading requires a great deal of time, energy, passion and determination. You can also turn this circuit breaker into a family effort to cultivate new reading habits. In the meantime, start making your wishlist for books at