Time to Elevate your Baking with Susanne Ng

Image Credits: Susanne Ng

Singaporean baker Susanne Ng makes perfectly delicious and adorable confectionaries that will easily put a smile on your face. Her passion has resulted in delectable creations that range from various cartoon characters to lifelike objects from bubble tea to Christmas trees.

Meet Susanne Ng

Made with simple ingredients, a chiffon cake is light and spongy and the recipe became Susanne’s favourite when she realised that it was also a healthier option. It was “a lot lower in sugar” and “they are so light, fluffy, moist, tasty and highly addictive!”. She then started baking it for her kids and with more practice and time, she started experimenting and adding creative elements. Her Instagram portfolio can attest to her skilful hand that sculpts the sponge with definite dedication and time.

Cheerful Dino Chiffon Cake

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Chiffon Cake

As a former biomedical researcher, this self-taught baker believes that “passion and love for what you do is key! It will keep you going when you meet challenges”. Having taken up baking roughly six years ago, Susanne gained her reputation when Mashable, a New York-based lifestyle site, published an article about her chiffon works of art back in 2017. Since then, Susanne has turned her passion into multiple cookbooks that you can check out on GoGuru at https://www.goguru.com.sg/author/susanne-ng

If you're itching for cute, little, irresistible desserts, you can learn to make them through online baking classes from her website. As a mother herself, she understands that “baking at home is also more suitable for families with young children”. 

Moving forward, she will also be adding optional baking kits with her online classes to “make it more convenient and accessible for anyone to start baking and share yummy treats at home”. If you are considering upgrading your baking skills right at home, learn how to make her personal favourites, Toilet Roll Cake made with coconut chiffon or Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Mini Cake.

In her latest endeavour, Susanne has released a fun collection of forty vibrant recipes for sweet treats and savoury snacks. This cookbook is inspired by an adorable, plump and mischievous Pusheen and her friends. Titled Let’s Bake, she worked alongside artist Claire Belton, the founder of Pusheen, to create this cookbook in celebration of the iconic internet character’s tenth anniversary.

“It will not only feature chiffon cakes, but also simple sweet bites like donuts and cookies to desserts like panna cotta” and will also include savoury snacks. “It was really a work of love and I hope everyone will enjoy making these sweet treats with love!” 



If you can’t wait to bake and get your hands on these delicious creations, check out Susanne’s collaboration with Old Seng Choong for traditional chiffon cakes with some of her favourite flavours. Fingers crossed, maybe we get to visit Susanne’s bakery soon!

Check out all of her work on Instagram @susanne.deochiffon. You can also find her on Facebook or read more about her home baking business at https://goguru.store/susanne-ng-deco-chiffon

Order an ultimate cookbook for Pusheen fans and cat lovers alike, Let's Bake at https://goguru.store/pusheen-lets-bake