Which Type of Traveller Are You? Best Reads for Your Family Holiday!

Yearning for a quick mid-year getaway during the June school holidays? It’s still not too late to plan  a last minute family vacation. Planning the perfect family getaway can be a headache, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. Simply sit the entire family down for a quick discussion on the kind of adventure you want, and all that’s left is pretty much the flight booking.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Take this simple quiz to guide you in the right direction based on your travel style:


Here are some of our best recommendations for a quick family vacation in Southeast Asia.


Penang, Malaysia

Catered for the heritage enthusiast

Featured books: The Weight of Our Sky, Beverly and the Peranakan Feast


Wander through the streets of Penang at Old Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with hiking trails perfect for a leisurely stroll. Featuring a fusion of western and eastern influences, there's so much to see in Penang - from Chinese storefronts to swanky shopping complexes.

Of course, don't forget to indulge in the food here. Take a break and feast on local delicacies including Chinese noodles and Indian curry. Wash it all down with a cup of kopi peng for an authentic local taste.

Recommended read for you:

Malaysia has come a long way to attain its peaceful state in the present. Go back in time and witness history through the eyes of a teen, as she tries to reunite with her mother amidst the chaos of the 1969 historic race riots. Experience the struggles she faces as she bears the weight of the sky, a timely reminder for us to be thankful for today’s racial harmony.

Recommended read for your child:

Let your little one discover more about special Peranakan dishes through the eyes of a little girl named Beverly, who stumbled upon her mother crying in the kitchen due to a failed attempt at cooking a dish. Eventually, Beverly, her mother and grandmother gather to whip up a feast, including pong tauhu (meatball) and the traditional tools used behind a sumptuous Peranakan meal. 


Hong Kong

Ideal for the city dwellers

Featured books: 111 Places in Hong Kong That You Shouldn’t Miss,
Elmer's Doodle Book


A popular stopover, Hong Kong is truly the city that never sleeps in Asia. With a myriad of kid-friendly attractions, it's easy to explore the city center on foot or by public transport. Unwind with a good mix of food, shopping and sightseeing - kickstart your trip by taking your tot to a theme park. Head to Ocean Park or Disneyland, and end the night with a dazzling light show at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.

Take this time to go for some retail therapy at some of their top shopping malls such as The Landmark Hong Kong and Pacific Place Hong Kong. When in the Land of Dim Sum, remember to treat yourself at the Michelin-starred restaurants known for its baked, steamed, pan-fried to deep fried snacks.  

Recommended read for you:

Hong Kong is a metropolis with a rich history, known for its seamless blend of western and eastern cultures. Known for its nightlife and culinary delights, get off the beaten path to truly explore Hong Kong. Uncover wishing trees and secluded beaches to take your child to, and other places you shouldn't miss in this nifty guide.

Recommended read for your child:

The creator of several well-known characters including Mr Benn and King Rollo, David McKee's famous Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is now published in over 50 languages. While commuting to explore more of Hong Kong, let your kid embrace their creative side and doodle, colour and create.


Cebu, The Philippines

Perfect for the beach lovers

Featured books: I Am A Filipino: And This Is How We CookThea Stilton Mouseford Academy #13: Sea Turtle Rescue


One of the Philippines' top family travel destinations, Cebu is known for its high standard leisure facilities and kid-friendly attractions where both adults and children can have a great time.

If the island life is calling, use this getaway to explore pristine beaches and azure blue waters. Go for a dip in the sun and visit its well-known beaches including Malapascua, which has a similar vibe to Boracay with its white sand and clear waters.

While in Cebu, go on a little culture trip and explore historical spots such as Fort San Pedro, Temple of Leah and Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

Recommended read for you:

Filipino food is a medley of international flavours that make every dish distinctive and unforgettable. Reminisce on your trip to curb post-vacation blues by learning how to whip up modern Filipino recipes.

Recommended read for your child:

Educate your child with the importance of conserving wildlife as you witness sea turtles in action on Cebu’s beaches. Read to your little one and go on an adventure with protagonists Nicky and Paulina as they give up their summer vacation to protect a nest of sea turtle eggs.


Southeast Asia is great for family trips with its proximity and accessibility, and might be one of your best bets for a last minute trip. Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and set time aside for some parent-child bonding this school holiday. Whether your family’s all geared up for adventure or a foodie trail, there’s definitely something in store for you and your little one this term break.

Happy holidays!