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Michael Wang is a teacher and a filmmaker. He teaches at the School of the Arts, Singapore and the United Worldu00a0College, and runs a small creative writing school called The Young Writer's Table. He has two young children, Liam, who aspires to be au00a0palaeontologist, and Myra, who dreams of being a dentist.

About The Illustrator.

Simon Koay is an illustrator, art director and graphic designer. Born in Hong Kong and raised in New Zealand, he studied at Auckland University of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Art & Design. He has worked in the advertising industry in New Zealand and Australia as a digital designer, animator andu00a0an art director.u00a0In 2014, he left advertising to become a full-time illustrator. Since then, he has created illustrations for brands such as Nike and Smart Car, and has had his personal project 'Superbet', a superhero inspired alphabet series, shared across hundreds of websites around the world.

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    Liam, The Brave

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  2. A Stray
    A Stray

    by Michael Wang, Simon Koay (Illustrated by)

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