Baby Animals

By Stephanie Babin, Thierry Bedouet (Illustrated by)

Big, sturdy tabs to push and pull make for great learning fun in this brand-new nonfiction series. Baby Animals introduces a unique approach to telling preschool children about baby animals, featuring three pull tabs on each spread. Pull a tab to see a chick hatch from an egg or tadpoles become young frogs, push a tab to see a baby emperor penguin keep warm between his daddy's feet or a lion cub learn to hunt. With bite-size information just right for hungry young minds, Baby Animals is a welcome addition to any young child's library of nonfiction books.
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About Author

Stephanie Babin

Stephanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles. She lives in Paris, France. Thierry Bedouet is an illustrator and co-founder of Empty Cocagne, a publishing company. His work regularly appears in magazines and children's books. He lives in Nantes, France.

Thierry Bedouet Illustrated by

Product Details
Binding : Hardback
Number of Pages : 12
Publisher : Twirl
Publication Date : Mar 5, 2019
Weight : 507.00g
ISBN-13 : 9782408007935
Dimension : 216 x 254(mm)