The Carl Oscar BentoDISC™ is the better way to pack a healthy lunch for daycare, school, excursions, or a picnic! Pack a meal with tomatoes, cheese, carrots or any other dry food without leaving packaging garbage. BentoDisc also saves space while keeping the ingredients fresh and prevents them from being crushed.

Just spin the disc and have the benefit of a joyful meal. What’s not to love about this sustainable way of packing lunch?


-Smart, eco-friendly way to pack snacks
-All parts of the BentoDISC are BPA-, phthalate-, lead-free
-5 rotatable compartments so you can pack side dishes separately
-Food disc can easily be removed and placed on the picnic blanket or the table
-Patented design by Carl Oscar® of Sweden.

The animal characters are the work of Swedish illustrator Linn Eldin, appearing exclusively on Carl Oscar’s products.

Additional Information:

-Material: ABS-plastic
-Product Weight: 304g
-Product Dimensions: 7.2’’ x 2.2’ ’

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 29.38
Product Details
Weight : 304.00g
Dimension : 180 x 55(mm)
Manufacturer : Carl Oscar