Birthday Party Pack 3 (set of 10) - Upsize (For 5 to 6 years old)

Note: This product comes in a set of 10 packs. Thinking of thank-you gifts for your party guests? Instead of unhealthy snacks, BFF offers you something educational instead. Our upsize party pack comes with: 1. A rocket building activity that allows little ones to train their fine motor skills, learn counting, writing and comparison. We have 2 sizes for this activity, this option contains mini sized rockets and is suitable for 5 yrs to 6yrs old. 2. A make-your-own playdough activity which comes with all the ingredients you need to make taste-safe homemade playdough! Extend the play with our tools, to create your own pretend play and make some satay. All materials are conveniently packed in a ziplock with instructions, learning goals and mummy tips! It also includes a paper bag with a thank you note.
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Weight : 2,320.00g
Manufacturer : Bag For Fun (BFF)