Boys in Control

By Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

Play ball! Thats what the sixth-grade Buckman Badgers baseball team plans on doing. Eddie Malloy and Jake Hatford hope to lead their team to the championship game the last Saturday in May. But due to a mix-up, Mrs. Hatford has to run a yard sale for the Womens Auxiliary of the Buckman Fire Department the very same day in their very own yard! Not wanting to miss out on the game, the family elects the only nonbaseball fan in the family, Wally, to stay home and help watch over the sale tables until they return. Wallys ticked off. On top of that, Caroline Malloy has written and will perform a play for a school project and has roped Wally into costarring with her. Let Caroline think shes so smart. Wally has his own reason for being in the play. It looks like the Hatfords could be totally humiliated after the girls stumble upon an embarrassing item from the boys past. Leave it to Wallys secret plan to turn the tables on the girls scheme and prove whos really in control! Boys rule!From the Hardcover edition.
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Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

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Publisher : Yearling
Publication Date : Dec 18, 2008
ISBN-13 : 9780307514820