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What is Brainy Arkies?

Brainy Arkies is a novel educational resource that integrates automated adaptive testing, self-directed learning and entertainment alongside with parental supervision, designed to produce the best learning outcome for young learners.

Motivate your child to learn Maths (Pri 1 to Pri 6) the fun way with this edutainment mobile application.  Conquer obstacles to build your own enchanting 3D virtual world of wonders. Together with the help of the local inhabitants called Arkies, solve quizzes correctly to help these friendly Arkies increase their wisdom and progress further on your quest!


What are the features of Brainy Arkies?

Key features include:-

15,000+ auto-graded questions aligned to MOE syllabus

Auto-Graded Questions

• Personalise your child’s learning experience through the use of an adaptive engine to diagnose his/her subject mastery
• Guided solutions for effective learning
• Children build, explore and progress to higher levels through stages of historical age
• Be rewarded with mini-games, awards and badges in the exploration journey
• Insightful parental reports on your child’s performance

Parental Reports
• Assessments can be toggled according to child’s individual ability. Higher-ability children can attempt more challenging topical tests and exam-type questions
• Parents’ account enables easy monitoring of the activities and charting the learning progress of their child
• Parents hold the supervisory controls such as daily time limit, study mode, social collaboration, topics and subtopics management, etc
• Study mode allows parents to turn off the game play so that their child focuses only on assessments during examination period


How much does the subscription cost?

• 6 Months Subscription : (Usual price $59.76) S$21.98 (Promotional price)

• 12 Months Subscription : (Usual price $119.76) S$36.98 (Promotional price)


Click on the button below to subscribe:

6 Months Subscription

12 Months Subscription


What is the Minimum Specs to run Brainy Arkies?

1. iPhone 4S and up
2. iPad 3rd generation and up
3. Android devices with at least OS Jellybean installed


Download the Brainy Arkies app today and start your child on an educational adventure!

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