Bubblegum Ripple

With the unmistaken scent of the sweet treat that is forbidden in Singapore. A fun bar with surprising skin rejuvenation "promises". Calling all Spearmint lovers!

The "oldest" and gentler of the mint family, Spearmint is the milder mint choice for children and those with sensitive skin. Besides lifting moods with its invigorating yet soft scent, it has been used for centuries to soothe cold symptoms and skin problems. In fact, some look to spearmint as a chosen skin cleanser due to its antibacterial properties and its ability to reduce skin imperfections with its antioxidant properties.

This bar also contains the much loved rice bran oil in soap making.  When used topically, rice bran oil is said to even out skin tone, improve the skin's regeneration and moisture retention. Moisturising yet not oily, shea butter has a comedogenic factor of zero, meaning it doesn't clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. On top of that, shea butter is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

P.S. This is a surprise bar where every batch comes with the same ingredient but may look absolutely different.

Saponified oils of Organic Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Shea Butter & Castor. Distilled Water. Sodium Hydroxide. Spearmint Essential Oil. Rose Clay. Kaolin Clay. Titanium Dioxide

All soap will be shipped in upcycled milk and juice cartons contributed by the community as part of our eco-friendly movement

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USD 10.31
Product Details
Weight : 100.00g
Dimension : 70 x 55 x 25(mm)