Budget is the New Black

By Claire Betita de Guzman

With a fabulous job, designer outfits, a posh flat, and glamorous trips abroad, fashionista and public relations executive Sabbie Chua seems to have it made/ And when she manages to snag a big client for her firm, it seems as though there’s nowhere else for her career to go but up.

All she needs is the man of her dreams – and, well, she’s almost there, if she can get hunky architect Gil to finally commit to being her boyfriend. But the course of true love doesn’t run smooth and her high-flying life comes crashing to a halt after a crushing heartbreak and a major, humiliating office gaffe.

When Sabbie has to bid goodbye to her thousand-dollar handbags and expensive high heels and say hello to thriftstore finds and a penny-pinching life, she discovers that going from high maintenance gal to low-budget babe is no easy struggle…

And that’s before she got wind of how much she needed to pay off her credit card bill…

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About Author

Claire Betita de Guzman

Claire Betita de Guzman studied Journalism and graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines in 1994. Starting as a lifestyle reporter for the Philippine broadsheet TODAY, she eventually found herself in womenu2019s magazines. She joined fashion magazine Preview, then became the associate editor for Cosmopolitan Philippines and later on, worked as assistant editor for Harperu2019s Bazaar in Singapore. Her first novel, No Boyfriend Since Birth, became a bestseller when it was published in Manila in 2004. It was made into a television special series in 2008. Budget is the New Black is her second novel. She lives in Singapore with her husband and son.

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814677424