Gotham: City of Monsters

By Jason Starr

SET IN THE DRAMATIC AFTERMATH OF GOTHAM SEASON TWO AND LEADING INTO THE THRILLING EVENTS OF SEASON THREE, THE NEW ORIGINAL NOVEL... GOTHAM: CITY OF MONSTERS ...reveals how ex-convict James Gordon, once a GCPD detective, returns to the city he once protected. Having escaped Arkham Asylum, Hugo Strange's monsters stalk the streets, spreading chaos, fear, and death. Herself a victim of the madman's experiment, Fish Mooney seeks to retake her place at the top of the underworld. Street thief Selina Kyle covets a place at her side. Overwhelmed by this crisis, the city offers to pay a bounty for the creatures-dead or alive. Though no longer a cop, Gordon nevertheless proves to be the most skilled at bringing these superhumans to justice, some in body bags. Yet even he may not be able to stop the most bloodthirsty of the monsters.
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About Author

Jason Starr

Jason Starr has won raves for his work from publications ranging from The New York Times to Entertainment Weekly, which compared him to Jim Thompson and James M. Cain. In 2004, he received the Barry Award for his novel Tough Luck, and in 2005 he won the Anthony Award for Twisted City. He also writes comics for Marvel and DC, as well as original graphic novels. He lives in New York City.

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Binding : Paperback / softback
Number of Pages : 320
Publisher : Titan Books Ltd
Publication Date : May 29, 2018
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ISBN-13 : 9781785651472