Cherish Bar

Say it with with love.  By showing her that you care.

Formulated with a nourishing 5-oil blend including Sweet Almond oil, this bar is designed to provide loving care to the skin that has been overworked, neglected and perhaps subjected to the harsh elements of the environment.

An amazing oil that caters to all skin type - oily, dry, and sensitive, sweet almond oil boasts of a whole load of benefits to the skin. Lightweight and non comedogenic, it is absorbed readily into the skin, softening it without clogging the pores, making it suitable for face and body. Sweet almond oil is packed with vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, potassium, and zinc. The powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E is said to to help repair damage to the collagen layer and even fend off signs of aging due to the sun and other environmental factors.

A beautiful soap bar with an intricate rose top, aptly coloured with Pink Rose Clay. For the ladies in your life whom you don't often get to show you care.

Daily use on face and body.

Skin Types:
All skin types

Saponified oils of Olive, Organic Coconut, Rice Bran, Sweet Almond & Castor. Distilled Water. Sodium Hydroxide. Geranium Essential Oil. Lavender Essential Oil. Rose Clay. Kaolin Clay. Titanium Dioxide

All soap will be shipped in upcycled milk and juice cartons contributed by the community as part of our eco-friendly movement

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 11.78
Product Details
Weight : 100.00g
Dimension : 70 x 55 x 25(mm)