Creating a New Library

By Freeman, Rebecca

Creating a New Library: Recipes for Transformation offers ways to make your library group space into one conducive to transformational learning. The book is structured as a cookbook with an introduction to the idea, then directions on its execution. Next, the book gives tips on how to adapt each 'recipe' to fit other specific needs, including other kinds of libraries. The layout follows three strands: space, community, and outreach. Each section includes five elements critical to transforming spaces:, fun, stimulation, safety, freedom, and personal. From providing coffee in the morning, to a full Personal Librarian program, this book presents useful and engaging ideas for transformational learning.Enables and encourage transformational learning in academic and research librariesPresents practical ideas in the style of a cookbook, recipes that can be readily applied to a variety of sites and situationsGives useful insight and ideas relevant to different kinds of libraries, including academic and research librariesSuggests fun, quirky, and practical ideas for your library
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Freeman, Rebecca

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Publisher : Chandos Publishing
Publication Date : Nov 14, 2016
ISBN-13 : 9780081012987