Cryptocurrency Boardgame

Cryptocurrency is the latest investment craze to hit the world and there are wealth and pitfalls in abundance. You need to assemble a team of experts to mine, trade and filter various rumors and compete with other cryptocurrency traders in a bid to make a fortune in this new investment frontier. Beware, one of the cryptocurrency in the game is a scam and it is up to you to spot the scam, before it destroys you financially!

Cryptocurrency is a 2-4 players boardgame that puts the players in a battle of wits to make the most amount of money from trading and mining cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is the gold winner of International Serious Play Award.

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 30.92
Product Details
Weight : 700.00g
Dimension : 225 x 150 x 48(mm)
Manufacturer : Capital Gains Studio