Cyber Guerilla

By Sprengers, Martijn

Much as Che Guevara's book Guerilla Warfare helped define and delineate a new type of warfare in the wake of the Cuban revolution in 1961, Cyber Guerilla will help define the new types of threats and fighters now appearing in the digital landscape. Cyber Guerilla provides valuable insight for infosec professionals and consultants, as well as government, military, and corporate IT strategists who must defend against myriad threats from non-state actors. The authors take readers inside the operations and tactics of cyber guerillas, who are changing the dynamics of cyber warfare and information security through their unconventional strategies and threats. This book draws lessons from the authors' own experiences but also from illustrative hacker groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec and Rebellious Rose. Discusses the conceptual and ideological foundation of hackers and hacker groupsProvides concrete footholds regarding hacker group strategyDiscusses how cyber guerillas are changing the face of cyber warfare and cyber security through asymmetrical, flexible and stealthy means and methodsExplains the tactics, techniques, and procedures these hacker groups use in their operationsDescribes how cyber guerrillas and hackers use the media and influence the publicServes as a must-have guide for anyone who wants to understand-or is responsible for defending against-cyber warfare attacks
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Sprengers, Martijn

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Publisher : Syngress
Publication Date : Jun 13, 2016
ISBN-13 : 9780128052846