Damekoi: The Late-night Guide To Bad Romance #2

By Ira Ozaki ()

Chiyo Fukuma (25), Madoka Koga (24) and Sawako Chidori (25) are three sassy young singles out looking for love, but sometimes the men just don't get it! Sawako's boyfriend is still a man-child, Madoka seems to attract all the weirdos, and Chiyo's personal hang-up continues to deprive her of `sexy times'! What's a girl gotta do to get some love?
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Ira Ozaki

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Number of Pages : 200
Publisher : Shogakukan Asia
Publication Date : Jan 27, 2020
Weight : 209.00g
Sku : 9789811441868
Dimension : 190.5 X 127 X 190.5(mm)