Dark Missions Of Edgar Brim: Monster

By Shane Peacock ()

After vanquishing the terrible creature that stalked the aisles of the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edgar Brim and his unusual crew of friends return to their mentor only to discover that he has been brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. The group go into hiding, Edgar desperate to protect his friends and family from what may be a second horrific creature torn from the pages of literature. Meanwhile, Edgar's guardian, Alfred Thorne, forces him to pursue a trade, and so Edgar begins working with his uncle, Doctor Vincent Brim, and a renowned vivisectionist, the brilliant yet mysterious Doctor Godwin. The more time Edgar spends in the company of Godwin, the more he begins to wonder about Godwin's motives. And time is running out for Edgar and his friends. A monstrous creature is chasing them, a beast seemingly impervious to Thorne's weaponry. Can Edgar Brim once again defy the horrors that pursue him, and protect those dearest to his heart?
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Shane Peacock

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Number of Pages : 256
Publisher : Penguin Teen
Publication Date : Jul 18, 2019
Weight : 270.00g
Sku : 9780735262737
Dimension : 141 x 208 x 17(mm)