In the land of Banana Republic, an incompetent and corrupted government has caused a wave of crime and lawlessness. A few brave souls have finally shown up and decided to take on the mantle of heroes - to combat the Villains who are scamming the hard-earned savings of ordinary citizens. However, beneath every hero lies a hard-working citizen, who needs to work, save and borrow money in order to finance their crime-fighting career. Little did they know that their credit card bills are feeding the ultimate monster of mass destruction: Debtzilla.

Debtzilla is a 2 - 4 players, cooperative board game where you are an ordinary citizen with a superhero secret identity, working with other superheroes to patrol the streets at night and battling villains. Debtzilla awaits you and your team as the final boss at the end of the game and defeat him before he can destroy Banana Republic.

Debtzilla is the silver winner of International Serious Play Award.

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 41.23
Product Details
Weight : 1,200.00g
Dimension : 305 x 220 x 51(mm)
Manufacturer : Capital Gains Studio