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By Klise, Kate and Klise, M. Sarah ()

Consider the facts: Appleton Elementary School has a new librarian named Rita B. Danjerous (say it fast); Principal Noah Memree barely remembers hiring her; Ten-year-old Reid Durr is staying up way too late reading a book from Ms. Danjerous's controversial 'green dot' collection; The new school board president has mandated a student dress code that includes white gloves and bow ties available only at her shop. Sound strange? Fret not. Appleton's fifth-grade sleuths are following the money, embracing the punny, and determined to the get to the funniest, most rotten core of their town's juiciest scandal.
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Klise, Kate and Klise, M. Sarah

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Number of Pages : 160
Publisher : Algonquin Young Readers
Publication Date : Aug 17, 2021
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